For the week of Aug 01, 2011
Your personal life may be complicated by work and other responsibilities for most of the weekend. However, handling these obligations with total commitment can make you more attractive in a non-social setting. A lunar shift into risk-taking Sagittarius and your 7th House of Partners on Sunday supplies a spirit of adventure and openness, stretching your boundaries in playful

Thursday, Aug 4, 2011 -- Although something might have gone awry in a relationship recently, it simply may be due to a breakdown in communication. Unfortunately, a disagreement could arise if the other person cannot understand your point of view. You could even be accused of being negative because you want to talk about an uncomfortable subject. Fortunately, there's no need for complete resolution now; bring up your thoughts and then let them go. You can return to the discussion when your partner is ready to engage in the conversation.

Your Personal Number of the Day
8: You've got truckloads of energy, drive and determination at your disposal today. It's an excellent time for doing business, signing contracts, and anything related to legal affairs. An additional bonus: a recent conflict may finally be healed.

The Star: You are consciously on the way home in a spiritual sense.

The Boss
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